Thun vs Lausann

Thun vs Lausann

Bet against market, Thun made not a great summer market, cause their bad
financial situation, so i am not surprised to see them last on table and
in a run of five consecutive defeats, the most disastrous one in last
round against Sion, when they suffered seven goals.

Thun vs Lausann。Thun is also the worst home team and also if Lausanne has only three
points more and played in mdiweek, they have some chances to gain a good
result here.

In that occasion was also banned def. Kablan ( 12+6) that join almost
whole defensive department already on sidelines.

Apart hosts situation above described, Lausanne is boosted in moral,
having won in midweek just against Basel and have only def.Maniere ( 14)

While the first three players out never where on field this season,
Gelmi, Burgy, Facchinetti and Kablan are four of the five most used
defenders in the season, so big problems for a team that suffered 18
goals in the six matches played after winter pause.

玩法 主队 指数 客队 让分 图恩(0.88) 半/一 洛桑(1.02)

Considering that this is a match to avoid relegation and the two teams
have the worst defe nces of the league, also a bet on high number of
goals seems interesting here.


Infact def. Bigler, Rodrigues, Alessandrini, Gelmi ( 20+1), Bürgy (19+1)
are all out, while Facchinetti ( 13+3) si questionable as second keeper